good morning sms quotes | good morning sms wishes | good morning thoughts sms with pictures

good morning sms quotes, good morning sms wishes, good morning thoughts sms with pictures

1 I never knew wat wonder a frnd can do..S,surely they can change things around u into smiles,sunshines n happiness.JUST T WAY U KEEP ON DOING.GM

2 WHAT is"DUA"?"D"-DIL se nikli hui awaz jo apko din bhar KHUSHI de."U"-UDASI aap k QAREEB se b na guzre."A"-Aap hamesha Khush rahen....Gud morning..

3 BEAUTIFUL people reflect GOD in their lives.They THINK HIS thoughts, SPEAK HIS Words & LOVE without end.Remain a Beautiful Person ALWAYS!Hav a gr8 day

4 Dust is dirty clean it.Past is painful forget it. Future is a dream don't touch it.Present is in our hands make the best of it.Good morning..

5 A DEEP THOUGHT :Those that are most slow in making PROMISE are the most FAITHFUL in the performance of it.Gud Mrng

6 Learn to write ur pains on the sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away.. Carve ur joys on stone where even rain cannot erase it.GD MRNG

7 "We may not achieve everything tht we dream, butwe will not achieve anything unless we dream"Hope all ur dreams come trueG m

8 "Whn lot's of people start 2 love u,U may get confused whom 2 love,Just tel them i hate u,Every one wil get back but not the person who loves u truly.G'Mrng

9 Any1 can make mistakes,dat's y pencils hav erasers!No1 can walk alone,dat's y shadow moves along!nNo1 can stay alone,dat's y friendz come along!I.gud mrn

10 Meethi neend Meethe khwaab,Ho Gaya savera ab to jago janab.Chand bhi chup gaya fir rat K intezar Me,1 naya din shuru karo apni manzil ki talash Me.

11 A good plan for today is better than a great plan for tommorow. Look backward with satisfaction and look forward with confidence..G'Mrng!

12 24hrs make a lovely day, 7 days make a lovely week, 52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a person like me will make ur life lovely. Have a lovely day n life

13 Aankho mein Aansu hai , phir bhi Labbo pe Muskaan hai..kyunki jeena toh har haal mein hai , toh hasne mein kya Nuksaan hai.SO KEEP SMILING GD MRNG

14 Nature has given u a face, but u have to provide the expression.. Be careful when u express, coz ur every expression will leave an impression.G'Mrng

15 Success Mantra: Watch your THOUGHTS when you are ALONEAndWatch your WORDS when you are in a CROWD...Happy Morning

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