I Love You Poems

I Love You Poems

I Love You

What is it with Love?
That makes me then breaks me?
When in love do I truly love?
Is it really love Or do I think that I love?
Maybe I just love being in love
Or love the idea of being in love?
I spent my whole life chasing love.
In the end the one thing I truly love
Could just be the Meir pursuit of love

I have heard it said
True love comes around only once in life…
I never believed that until I met you.
I now know what true love means,
For never have I loved someone
as I love you…

Because our love is eternal
There's nothing left to say,
Except to say this one last word.
I love you more each day

Hassan Alokily


Love Is...

Love is the greatest feeling,
Love is like a play
Love is what I feel for you,

Each and everyday
Love is like a smile
Love is a song
Love is great emotion,
That keeps us going strong

I love you with all my heart
My body and my soul
I love they way I keep loving
Like a love I cant control

So remember when your eyes meet mine
I love you with all my heart
And I have poured my entire soul into you
Right from the very start

Rebecca W.



Love is something that you share with your your most loveable lover

your loveable friend

to the end
It can't be erased
It can't be retraced
No one can ever stop you from loving
your most loveable lover
your compassionate lover
your significant other
Love is passionate
Love is sacred
Love is what has you sitting around
trying to make it
Love doesn't hurt you
Love is tender
Love is sweet
Love is what makes you wait for that big treat
Love is a 4 letter word
And in 3 words you can
express it
I Love You!

Chasity Renee


I Love You Back

I love how you speak to me
Shows me how much you care
I love how you look at me
Positively I feel so loved
I love how you talk
You flatter my soul
I love how you whisper
So assuring I lose all my fear
I love how you laugh at my jokes
Without a doubt I am clever and bright
I love how you express your mind
Hear the sound my own heartbeat
I love how you play your music
A different feeling each time
I love how you hum you tune
Digs deep into my soul
I love how you describe me
A melody I feel in my heart
I love how you miss me
Always brings joy into my life
I love how you want me
You get me so inspired
I love how you share you
Brings you closer to me
I love how you preach love
Sincerity I feel inside
I love how you feel me
Fills every emptiness
I love how you love
And it is so easy to love you back
Kay Barcelon


Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes and see,
how much I love you,
and what you really mean to me.
I love you but you don't know,
I love you,
but I'm afraid to show.
I need you here with me,
I promise,
I'll never hate you,
and that will never be.
but why can't I just say,
that I love you that way.
I never felt this way before in my life.
And sometimes,
it really hurts like a knife!
cause I don't have the courage to tell you
how I feel.
And to tell you,
that my feelings for you are real.
To tell you that I want you so bad,
and tell you that if I could be with you,
I'd be so glad.
I hope you notice one day how I feel,
and that you will see how I feel is so real.
I hope you will love me some day,
the way that I love you,
and I promise I will always love you,
I'll really do!
so if you'd just take the first step,
you really won't regret it.
and I will love you every day a little more,
bit by bit. I hope these lines can make you see,
what you really mean to me.
What I'm trying to say,
is that I've never loved some one this way!



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