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Desktop wallpaper: simple steps how you can change the background screen

Are you tired of looking at the desktop the same old? If you are, then perhaps it is time for you to give it a new look. And he does it not really hard to do. This could include the provision of options for your display device to store the actual allocation and ask them to give it a new color, tampering with desktop themes for download or if you want a quick and inexpensive, you can always change your desktop wallpaper.
Now if you do not "techy" type, you do not have to worry about because changing the wallpaper does not require a deep knowledge of the computer. If the operating system is Windows 95.98, 2000 or XP you must:
Wallpaper Desktop
Wallpaper Desktop
Wallpaper Desktop
1. Right click on the desktop.
2. Menu, select Properties.
3. A small window with four tabs (Themes, Desktop, Appearance and settings) are open. Click on the desktop.
4. On this tab, you'll see the Windows wallpaper available for you to use. If you do not anything there strikes your fancy, you can always use your own images as desktop wallpaper. To do this, simply click on the Browse button. Locate your file and that is it, you have a new background!
Depending on the size of your images, you may need to adjust some settings, such as an image in the center of the screen, and tiles or as an extension to get the look you want.

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