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Use Google Desktop to find anything on your computer
John Doe

Even people who are not too enthusiastic about the Google recognize that they are probably the best search engine on the Internet. But what many people do not know that you can have that unique and effective search capabilities to index and search your own PC. They introduced an application called Google Desktop in 2004, which will index and catalog everything on your computer, and it's free.

Desktop Search will index all your files during installation. It runs on Linux, Windows and Macs, too. The program uses the same search technology that is incorporated into the system to search system for the Internet. PC version you can search and find the content of the following files:

· Report

· Web browsing history from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

· Office documents OpenDocument and Microsoft Office formats

· Transcripts Instant Messenger from AOL, Google, MSN, Skype, Tencent QQ

· PDF, ZIP, music and text

• Multiple types of media files

· Additional file types can be indexed using plugins

During installation, the index up to 100.000 files. How do you use, move or create new files, they've added to this index. During installation, you also have the opportunity to install gadgets to the sidebar on the desktop, which are small applications that can give you instant access to weather, Gmail, Google Talk, slide shows, and other information.
Google Desktop
Google Desktop
Google Desktop
The sidebar also includes the Quick Search Box that allows you to enter information to search on the computer. There are many additional modules available to search for very specific types of files and organize information for quick and easy access. Google has provided an SDK for programmers who want to create a very specific application so there is quite a selection of search tools (75), and other gadgets that can be added.

There is also an advanced search that allows you to specify the file type, inclusions, exclusions, date ranges, and other information. This can speed up the search considerably and define search criteria for these parameters.

The big advantage of Google Desktop Search is the speed and logic to find the information you want. Initial indexing may take up to several hours depending on your files and information. But as soon as information is indexed by the current index is not visible during normal operation.

How well do Desktop Search versus Microsoft, Linux, MAC and the operating system? When testing for multiple systems with many different files was a huge step forward in using Google Desktop Search software. All of this goes back to the algorithms and technology used by Desktop Search. Indexing and categorization of Desktop Search, it seems a big difference.

There were some questions early on about security, Outlook indexing, and confidentiality. The current version of all these issues have been resolved. One caveat might be that if more than one user uses a computer, each user can see other users' files.

If you want to give Desktop Search, try to go to Google and click on Google. Then click on the Google services and tools. It is listed there, and you can click on it and download and install on your computer.

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