A few things I notice about girls

A few things I notice about girls:

- girls act like we're the only shallow ones, but the truth is they're the same way. The difference is, we don't deny it.

- girls refuse to tell us when we've done something wrong, as if we're supposed to read their minds.

- girls make you re-take a picture of them if they don't like the photo.

- girls talk s**t and then get mad at other girls for doing the same thing.

- girls sulk over their ex boyfriends. Like for chrissake get over him, live life.

- girls are spoiled, they want what they want when they want it.

- girls legit go insane over celebrities that they don't know. It's like complete infatuation. This is particularily ironic, because how many guys do u know that do the same over hot female celebs? Not half as much.

- girls care so much about their feelings. This is why many of the people reading this are girls. They love to look for insightful quotes that accurately portray how they feel.
And then put it in their facebook status.

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