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Modern Wall Decor Ideas
By Ryu Calledo

Wall decorations can be any thing to add life to your home. There are no strict rules to follow, just do your own art form. Here is my proposed non-traditional backgrounds to liven your walls, especially Polystyrene wall art, various plates, blankets, removable wall graphics, floating wall shelves, folding screens, glass, wood, plant wall, and over-sized buttons.

Decorate your house does not have to be patterns in the usual way: You can use creative ways to do something to something special. I want to share with you some of the proposed wall decorations, I think, is unprecedented.

Polystyrene Wall Art

This wall art is made of light material, which is so versatile that it can be anywhere: "It can be easily replaced by any art materials you want to come.

Preparation of plates

Sometimes it is good old collections, such as plates to the kitchen cupboard. You can hang them randomly on the walls of a number of impressive effects.


Wall Decor
Wall Decor
Wall Decor
Instead of the traditional background, you can use as quilts or even the simple question, because your wall covering. Just choose the right theme for your entire environment to adapt to.

Movable wall graphics

The samples are removable vinyl decals that can place on your walls. Many design choices such as words, numbers, and other custom designs. It gives you the power to remove and rearrange them at any time.

Floating wall shelves

As usual wall decorations are paintings, hangings, CLOCKS and try something out of the ordinary, such as the floating wall shelves. You can not help, but a second look and make sure that if it really floats.

Folding screens

If you do not decorate the empty walls, folding screens are a good alternative. You can explore the possibilities, choosing a good design on the corner of your home.

Stained glass

A little more elegance, glass wall decor and good selection. Although it is not so unusual, this wall art offers a modern look.


Birch wood and Bamboo carved images so that they seem to be floating display.

Plants Board

Here opulentitems.com unique way to show their plants are located on the wall, so it seems very limited.

Over-sized buttons

Unique decor, which comes in very rare design with over-sized buttons for 5. They are different sizes, colors and shapes - all only $ 34.99.

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