The holidays are soon to start and you have to get ready to take some beautiful Christmas photos! Get your camera ready and charged, and any other equipment that you will find necessary, and start taking pictures. You want to start taking them a few days before the actual event. Why? Because it decorating the tree and the house, preparing the dishes for Christmas, trying out outfits for the Christmas party, preparing the actual party are actions that bring out the Christmas spirit even more and why would you want to miss out on any of those things. Also, capture the decorations, play with their forms and textures, add some, remove some, combine all kinds of specific Christmas things and put them together to create Christmas art. If you are holding the Christmas party at your place, you can god wild and create all sorts of little treats for your friends and family, such as a “do it yourself” photo booth – it`s very simple to do it. You just need a curtain (preferably in a Christmas color), a few decorations to add to it and there you have a portrait photo booth! Also, put some accessories aside like Santa hats or reindeer horns for your friends to try on and pose for you.

Make sure the light bright enough so you won`t get the images in a dark blur – turn on all the lights that you have in that room in necessary or add some. Don`t worry, it will not be too bright because the decorations and the Christmas festivity itself will give you the warmth that you need for creating a holiday atmosphere. Photographing the Christmas tree gives you wonderful compositions to work with. Juts be careful when you photographing it with the Christmas lights on because the rest of the tree decorations may appear in a shadow. You can also choose some elements from it and photograph them alone. Use a soft focus and get as close to the branch as possible for that. Of course you can also use the zoom, but trust me, the result won`t be the same. The problem with Christmas is that you have too many colorful elements to capture, from decorations, to actual people and it will be quite hard to select a main subject. It`s not easy to make your picture look minimalistic if you can`t decide on a subject that is eye catching. If you want some inspiration for your future Christmas photos, here is a website on which you can find a lot of them and you will be able to make an idea of what I am talking about. You can download them if you want to get a closer look. Enjoy photographing the magical holiday of Christmas!

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